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Stainless Steel Bolts suppliers in New Zealand

SS Bolts stockist in New Zealand, SS Hex Head Bolts stockholder in New Zealand, trader of stainless steel Hex Bolt

Hex Head Flange Bolts distributor in New Zealand, Distributors of Duplex stainless steel Bolts in New Zealand, Importers of A193 B8m Bolts in New Zealand, A193 B8m Stud Bolts manufacturers in New Zealand, SS 304 Bolts manufacturers in India, SS 316 Bolts price

We are one of the leading New Zealand suppliers of stainless steel nuts and bolts and stainless steel coach bolts. Viha Steel specialise in stainless steel bolts in both 304 and 316 stainless steel, A4/316 and A2/304 Grades, but we hold a huge range of products in other materials such as Steel, Brass and Nylon.

Viha Steel is manufacturing Stainless steel A2 & A4 Metric bolts, U Bolts, nuts, washers, in M3 to M60 for Civil Construction, Petro Chemical Industry, Power and Energy sector, Gas & Pipeline Industry, Railway Fasteners, Tele communications, Automotive and Automobile Industry in New Zealand. These Stainless Steel U Bolts feature a high polished finish and are marine grade quality, widely used as deck fittings in the marine sector. They’re also known as Tube Bolts and U Clamp Bolts.

Need strong Bolts? Buy from Viha Steel, the worlds strongest stainless steel fasteners & Bolts. Fast Delivery · Competitive Prices · Europe’s Leading Supplier · Exceptional Quality. Check Price & Buy Stainless Steel Bolts At Over 15 Toolstation New Zealand Branches.

Our sales agents are available in below locations in New Zealand

Huge Range of Stainless Steel Bolts, Leading Bolts manufacturer New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand
Christchurch, New Zealand
North Shore, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand
Waitakere, New Zealand
Hamilton, New Zealand
Dunedin, New Zealand
Tauranga, New Zealand
Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Palmerston North, New Zealand
Rotorua, New Zealand
Hastings, New Zealand
Nelson, New Zealand
Napier, New Zealand
Porirua, New Zealand

Our esteemed clients in New Zealand

  • Rocket Lab Ltd.
    3A Airpark Dr, Mangere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand
  • Radiola Aerospace Limited
    Unit 2 Level 1, 15 Marina View, Paremata, Porirua 5026, New Zealand

We are offering special price of SS Fasteners in New Zealand:

  • Wholesale products carton/alloy steel stud bolt and nut
    Price: US $0.1-0.3 / Piece
  • Stainless steel m42 stud bolts
    Price: US $0.1-0.2 / Piece
  • Made in china supplier quality m42 stud bolts
    Price: US $0.005-0.8 / Piece
  • Grade 8.8 ~12.9 Screw Bolts And Nuts , Standard ASTM A325 Stud Bolts
    Price: US $0.22 / Sets
  • DIN975 stainless steel304 Thread Rod/stud bolt
    Price: US $0.01-2 / Piece
  • Good quality stud bolt DIN938 1.4410 double end stud bolts types nuts bolts washers
    Price: US $0.5-1.5 / Piece
  • allen head socket m42 stud bolts for steel structure
    Price: US $1050-1500 / Ton
  • tensile strength types of stud bolts with nuts and washer
    Price: US $0.5-1.5 / Piece
  • high strength wheel stud bolts for different types cars
    Price: US $0.1-1 / Piece

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Please contact on sales@vihasteel.com for price of other SS Nuts, Bolts & Screws for New Zealand

Stainless Steel Bolts New Zealand

ASTM A193 / A194 Stainless Steel Bolts Specification

Metric Stainless Steel Bolts New Zealand

SS Bolts Type   SS Bolts Size/ Property Class/ Standard
Hex Head Bolt (Partial Thread) Stainless Steel Hex Head Bolt M4 to M30
A2 – 70/80, A4 – 70/80
DIN 931 / ISO 4014
Product name Stainless Steel Bolts
Stainless Steel Bolts
  • A193 B6 – Heat treated 410 stainless (410HT)
  • A193 B8 – Produced to grade AISI 304, carbide solution treated, standardly available in class 1
  • A193 B8M – Produced to grade AISI 316, carbide solution treated, standardly available in class 1
  • A193 B8C- Grade 347 stainless material
  • A193 B8T – Grade 321 stainless material
  • A320 B8 – Produced to grade AISI 304, carbide solution treated, standardly available in class 1
  • A320 B8M – Produced to grade AISI 316, carbide solution treated, standardly available in class 1
  • 316L Stainless with Class 8.8 and Class 10.9 Strength.
  • High Corrosion Resistance.
  • Manufactured from a new variant of acid-proof Swedish steel SS 14.2343.
Place of Origin India
SS Bolts Standard ISO 4017, DIN931, GB5783, DIN, ASTM, ANSI, JIS, EN, AS
SS Bolts DIN Standard B.S. DIN933 DIN931 DIN934 DIN912 DIN603 DIN6923
SS Bolts Surface treatment
Passivation /plain
Stainless Steel Bolts Size M2 – M100
Stainless Steel Bolts Diameter M3-M60
Stainless Steel Bolts Length 6mm-500mm
SS Bolts Head Hex, Square, Round, Hex flange, Flat, T-head & Triangular etc
SS Bolts Neck type Hex, Square, Triangular, Oval & Knurled etc
SS Bolts Drive type Phil, Slotted, Hex socket, Torx & square slot etc
Stainless Steel Bolts Application Wind tower, Nuclear power, Railway, Automotive industry, Construction, Electronic industry
SS Bolts Dimensions ASME B18.6.3 **Exception: screws 6 inches and shorter are fully threaded.
SS Bolts Drive Style

Type I

Stainless Steel Bolts Material 18-8 Stainless Steel, stainless steel ss 304/ SS316 A2/A4, SS201, SS303, SS304, SS316, SS316L, SS904L, A2-70; A4-70; A4-80
Thread Requirements ASME B1.1, UNC & UNF, Class 2A (Fastenal will inspect and accept parts with a 1A no-go gauge)
SS Bolts Finish Per ASTM A380/A380M
SS Bolts Finishing Zinc Plated (Yellow, White, Blue, Black), Hop Dip Galvanized (HDG) phosphorization, Black Oxide, Geomet, Dacroment, anodization, Nickel plated, Zinc-Nickel plated, Brass Plated, Tin Plated, Black Plated, Copper Plated, Gold Plated, Salt fog test
Stock Products Stainless steel: All DIN, GB Standard and part ASNI standard stainless steel Bolts, Example: ISO7380, DIN7981, DIN7982, DIN916, DIN913, DIN7985, DIN912
Manufacturing Process of SS Bolts Wire Drawing, Cold Heading, Insert tapping, Heat Treatment, Surface Plating, Inspection, Packing
MOQ 10 pieces
Delivery time Regular product is about 7-15 days, custom product will according to special requirement
Others OEM, ODM, ±0.03MM tolerance
Surface treatment of stainless steel Bolts
  • Passivation
  • Polish
  • Anodizing
  • Sand blasting
  • Electroplating (color, blue, white, black zinc, Ni, Cr, tin, copper, silver)
  • Black oxide coating
  • Heat-disposing
  • Hot-dip galvanizing
  • Rust preventive oil
Grade A2-50 , A2-70 , A2-80 , A4-50 , A4-70 , A4-80 , SS 200 Series
202, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, SA193 B8 / 8, SA193 B8M / 8M.
18-8 Stainless Steel, A2/A4, SS201, SS303, SS304, SS316, SS316L, SS904L
AISI 304, AISI 304L, AISI 316, AISI 316L, AISI 309, AISI 310, AISI 317L, AISI 321, AISI 347, AISI 409, AISI 410, AISI 420, AISI 430, AISI 446, AISI 202 Etc.
Standard IS / BS / BSW / ASTM / DIN / ASME / GB5783 / ANSI / JIS / EN / AS
DIN 931 / ISO 4014 / IS 1364, DIN 6921, DIN 7991 , DIN 580, DIN 933, IS 1364, DIN 975 , DIN 976, DIN 603, DIN 912, DIN 934, DIN 603, DIN 6923
BSW Thread: BS-2470, BS 84, BS-1083 / 1965
Metric Thread: ISO 10642, ISO 4017, ISO 4014 / IS 1364, ISO 47262
Thread Half Thread, Full Thread, METRIC, BSW, BSF, UNC, UNF or as required
HSN 7318
Manufacturing By Cold Forming , Hot Forming
Test Certificate Manufacturer Test Certificate as per EN 10204 / 3.1
  • Hot Dipped Galvanizing Bolts
  • Phosphate Bolts
  • Teflon Bolts
  • Ptfe Coated Bolts
  • Xylon Bolts
  • Zinc Bolts
  • Cadmium Bolts
  • Black Oxide, Cadmium, Galvanized, Teflon, Xylan, Zinc, Others Upon Request
Samples Yes
Other Materials
  • Duplex S31803, Super Duplex S32750 & S32760, FG and FLT
  • 6 Moly, UNS S31254
  • A full range of high nickel alloys including: B2, C22, C276, A400, K500, 625, 825, 718, 660 A, B, C & D, 904, 925,  Nimonic, Ferralium, Hiduron
  • Stainless Steels including 3 and 4 series stainless steel, A4-70, A4-80, 17-4PH, B8, B8M, B8T, B8C
  • Low temperature and high yield Carbon Steels & Chrome Moly Steels
  • Copper Nickel & Aluminium Bronze
  • Other exotic materials including: Zirconium, Titanium
  • Carbon & Alloy Steels
  • Stainless Steel – A2, A4, B8, B8M
  • Super Duplex – S32750, S32760
  • Exotic Alloys – Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, 660
  • Non-Ferrous – Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Phosphor Bronze
Property Class
  • For Bolts & Screws: A2-70, A2-80, A4-70, A4-80, F593C, F593D, F593G, F593H
SS Bolts Coatings Black Oxide, Cadmium, Galvanized, Teflon, Xylan, Zinc, Others Upon Request
Tolerance of stainless steel Bolts +/-0.01mm to +/-0.05mm
Samples Yes
Production Capacity 2,700,000 pieces per month
Payment Terms T/T, Paypal, Western Union, L/C or Trade Assurance 30% deposit & balance before shipping

Stainless Steel Bolts Price in New Zealand

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Types of SS Bolts & their dimensions

  • Types of Stainless Steel BoltsHex Head Bolts, Mushroom Head Square Neck Bolts, T-Head Bolts, Wing Screws, Eye Bolts, Lifting Bolts, Dom Bolt, U Bolt.
  • Types of Stainless Steel Studs :- Full Thread, Half Thread, Square Thread.
  • Types of Stainless Steel U-Bolts :- U-Clamps, C-Clamps, D-Clamps.

Click on below for bolts dimensions:

You might be interested in below Stainless Steel Bolts

Stainless Steel Bolts

Stainless Steel Bolts DIN Grades available

  • DIN 186 A – Tee-Head Bolts With Square Head
  • DIN 188 – Tee-Head Bolts With Double Nip
  • DIN 444 A – Eye Bolts
  • DIN 478 – Square Head Bolts
  • DIN 479 – Square Head Bolts
  • DIN 480 – Square Head Bolts
  • DIN 529 A – Anchor Bolts (Stone Bolt)
  • DIN 529 B – Anchor Bolts (Stone Bolt)
  • DIN 529 C – Masonry Bolts With Hexagon Nuts
  • DIN 529 D – Anchor Bolts (Stone Bolt)
  • DIN 529 E – Foundation Bolts With Hexagon Nuts
  • DIN 529 F – Anchor Bolts (Stone Bolt)
  • DIN 529 G Bolt
  • DIN 558 – Fully Threaded Maching Bolts
  • DIN 580 – Lifting Eye Bolts
  • DIN 7969 – Slotted countersunk head bolts with hexagon nut for steel structures

Stainless Steel Bolts

  • DIN 601- Hexagon head bolt with nut
  • DIN 603 Mu – Carriage Bolts With Hexagon Nuts
  • DIN 604 – Flat Countersunk Nip Bolts With Hex Nuts
  • DIN 605 – Flat Countersunk Square Neck Bolts
  • DIN 607 – Round Head Nip Bolts With Nuts
  • DIN 608 – Countersunk Square Bolts (Short Neck)
  • DIN 609 – Hex Fitting Bolts w/long Threaded Portion
  • DIN 610 – Hex fitting Bolts w/short Threaded Portion
  • DIN 3570 – U Bows U Bolts
  • DIN 6914 – Hex Bolts For High Strength Struct. Bolting
  • DIN 6915 – Hex Nuts For High Strength Struc. Bolting
  • DIN 6916 – Washers For High Strength Structural Bolting
  • DIN 6921 – Hex Flange Bolts
  • DIN EN 1665 Hexagon bolts with flange – heavy series(Replace DIN 6922)
  • DIN 7968 – Hexagon fit bolts with hexagon nut for steel structures

Stainless Steel Bolts Grades

Stainless Steel Bolts For Sale in New Zealand

We export these Stainless Steel Bolts globally such as Peru, United States, Philippines, Canada, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Qatar, Australia, South Korea, South Africa, Iran, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Oman, Taiwan, Nigeria, Vietnam, Egypt, Mexico, Spain, Bahrain, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Bangladesh, Israel, Poland, Brazil, Norway, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, France, Finland, Romania, Denmark, Japan, Belgium, Russia, Kenya, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Lithuania, Myanmar (Burma), Colombia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia, China, Czech Republic, Algeria, Chile and Croatia.

Viha Steel & Forging

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Tel: +91-22-66581601 |Email: sales@vihasteel.com

We hold a huge range of bolting products in New Zealand including: Hexagon Bolts, Square headed bolt, Hexagon Setscrews, stainless steel mounting bolts, Hexagon Flange Bolts, Holding Down Bolts, Indented Foundation Bolts, Cup Square, Cup Round, Cup Nib, Square Square & Square Round.

Other Industrial Products we supply in New Zealand

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